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Our History

Code3 Animal Rescue

Aviation Team

Code3 was inspired by our founder's rescue husky, Bella.  Bella was adopted by our founder in New Jersey, but she was originally from California. So this raised the obvious question of how she got from the West coast to the East coast?

The answer was she was flown!  But not on a commercial airliner. Flown by a group of volunteer pilots in their private planes who offered their time, planes, and fuel for free to help save her life.  They were part of a non-profit organization dedicated to helping transport animals out of harms way and to safety and freedom. 

While researching Bella's history, we also became painfully aware of the plight of so many other homeless animals needing transport to get to safety or to their forever homes all around the country. In many situations, it's a case of life or death for the animal.

With Bella's human brother being a student pilot and animal lover himself, this sounded like the kind of mission that just made perfect sense to be a part of.  After some time volunteering with other organizations and seeing all the animals in need, we felt we could help so many more animals if we started our own non-profit organization.  Since Bella was the inspiration behind Code3, you can say that she is our original "founder."  Every animal that we help save, we do in honor of Bella.  She motivates us every day to do our very best.  


The name Code3 is derived from the emergency services response codes which means, "Urgent, use lights and siren."  

Many animals in need of rescue are considered "urgent" and time is of the essence. Just a few hours could mean the difference between freedom and euthanasia for the animal. 

Our founder and President, Mark House, is a former firefighter who is a recognized valor award recipient for his life saving efforts as well. 

We understand that in animal rescue, just like in firefighting, every second counts when lives are on the line!

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