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Our History

It all started with one dog flying across the country and finding her forever home.

In March 2018, a beautiful white husky was found abandoned, scared, and hungry on the streets of Pomona California. After she was rescued and given the care she needed, she was brought from California to a local husky rescue in New Jersey in hopes of finding her forever home. She arrived in New Jersey in April 2018.

During this same time, our own pilot Dylan House was just a student pilot in New Jersey spending a lot of time at the local airport and in the skies training for his private pilot's license.


One Saturday afternoon Dylan's father, Mark, just happened to be at a place in Asbury Park that was hosting a dog adoption event and fate brought him face-to-face with this beautiful white husky  It was “love at first belly rub” for Mark, who actually wasn't looking to adopt a pet at that time.

But he couldn't resist this beautiful girl and on April 28, 2018, Mark officially adopted “Fluffy” (her rescuers choice) and changed her name to Bella because she was so beautiful.  Mark always said he felt that he and Bella made the perfect “Beauty and the Beast” kind of pair.

When a love for animals and a love for flying come together.

After inquiring about Bella’s background, Mark & Dylan were fascinated to learn she was flown from California to a local husky rescue in New Jersey on multiple small, privately-owned airplanes by volunteers with Pilots N Paws.


They had never heard of Pilots N Paws before, but as a student pilot, one must accumulate quite of lot of flying hours before they can become a licensed pilot. So volunteering to fly rescue animals would be the perfect way for Dylan to not only gain valuable flying time, but for this animal lover to help save the lives of animals in need at the same time.


Mark & Dylan started volunteering with Pilots N Paws, at first transporting animals from airports to their final destinations in their personal vehicle, and then eventually doing flight transports as well.

This started a chain of events that would eventually lead to the creation of Code3 Animal Rescue Aviation Team one year later, in April 2019.

The need to do more!

After months of volunteering, Mark felt there was so much more they could do to help animals besides transporting them. The shelters and rescuers that were saving these animals were operating on shoe-string budgets and many of these animals required some form of medical care in addition to transportation. They learned there was a desperate need for financial help to offset costs associated with medical care, fostering, sheltering, and overall caring for the animals as well.

Mark realized if they had their own organization, they could do more, such as providing some of that financial assistance that was so desperately needed. They could also help spread the word to the public about responsible pet ownership through educational events.  

Code3 Animal Rescue Aviation Team is Born!

So, in 2019 Mark began the process of incorporating and structuring Code3. Then on April 26, 2019, just two days shy of Bella's 1st Gotcha Day, Code3 was officially granted IRS approval as a 501c3 non-profit organization and they “opened” for business as Code3 Animal Rescue Aviation Team.

Since 2019, Code3 has successfully helped with the transport of hundreds of domestic animals ranging from cats, dogs, kittens, puppies, and guinea pigs to wildlife such as raccoons, rabbits, fox, and birds.

Code3 has also donated thousands of dollars in financial assistance to help offset costs associated with the medical care that rescued animals desperately need. 

Where the name "Code3" came from.


Our founder and President, Mark House, is a former first responder as a Firefighter Officer, Emergency Medical Technician, Hazardous Materials Technician, and MedEvac Air Specialist who is also a valor award recipient for his life saving efforts. 


The name Code3 is derived from his years in the emergency services field and corresponds to the dispatch code meaning, "Urgent, use lights and siren."  

Just as with first responders, Code3 understands that with an animal in need of help, every second counts! Just a few hours could mean the difference between freedom or euthanasia. 


We are a 100% volunteer organization.

Code3 is a 100% volunteer organization. There are no paid positions, including our pilots. All funds to operate come entirely from self-funding or generous donations from our supporters and local businesses.  As a 501c3 non-profit, all donations to Code3 are tax deductible. 

Meet Bella, our ambassador and face of Code3.

Bella, the beautiful white husky who inspired all of this, is currently Code3's official Ambassador and logo model, She's the face of the organization and "Da Boss" of shenanigans wherever she goes. 

You can follow Bella on Code3's social media pages, meet her around town in NJ at some of our local events, or at our local airport from time to time.  Code3 merchandise is also available featuring our gorgeous ambassador who will forever inspire us to "do more." 

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